About us

FlyMontserrat is the trading name for Montserrat Airways Ltd, a Montserrat incorporated Limited Company dedicated to:

  • deliver a safe and high-quality service.
  • provide competitively priced services to our customers.
  • ensure excellent customer experiences and thereby repeat business.
  • ensure that a ‘customer for life’ policy exists.
  • be an integral part of the economic development of Montserrat.

FlyMontserrat only employs pilots approved by the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority [ASSI].  We follow all the training requirements of ASSI which are comprehensive.  Following initial training all pilots are required to carry out Line training with a Training Captain.  Pilots are checked every six months as to their continued competence.  For Instrument flights our requirement is for the flight to have two qualified pilots or an autopilot.

Maintenance is currently provided by an ASSI approved maintenance company on Anguilla, which is certified to UK standards.  It is intended that FlyMontserrat will have their own facilities on Montserrat shortly.


Captain Nigel Harris

Nigel has been a home owner on Montserrat since 1989 and has been the Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of MA Ltd since it began operations in 2009.

Previously Nigel owned and managed Montserrat Airways Limited, based at Bramble during the period 1990 to 1996 with two Islander Aircraft.

Forming his own Airline in the UK in 1983, he has operated piston and turbo prop aircraft on both scheduled and on-demand services , including a franchise for Air France.

With over 15,000 flying hours under his belt, and 30 years Airline management experience Nigel is well qualified for the position.

Shelley Harris

Shelley's introduction to flying was back in Europe in the 1980s, helping to run flying schools, an Air Charter Company and scheduled services in the UK. She was a Director of the first Montserrat Airways in the 1990s and joined the management team of FlyMontserrat in 2010. She has since held the regulatory post holdings of Operations Manager, Quality Manager and currently is the Company's Accountable Manager.




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