We fly with Britten-Norman Islander aircrafts.

The Islander is one of the best-selling smaller commercial aircraft produced in Europe. Adaptable, versatile and durable, it has an unsurpassed record of solving transportation problems simply and economically. Nine seats, twin engines and a design driven by the requirement for ease of operation provide exceptional levels of utilization. Constant refinement ensures that the Islander continues to excel in modern-day roles.



Overall Length 10.86m (35ft 7.75in)
Wing Span 14.94m (49ft)
Height 4.18m (13ft 8.75in)
Design Criteria
Maximum Take-Off Weight 2,994kg (6,600lb)
Empty Weight 1,638kg (3,612lb)
Cabin Data
Front Baggage Compartment  
Rear Baggage Compartment  
Cabin Volume 7 seats
Power Plant
Number of Engines 2
Max Power Rating 194kW (260hp)
Max Speed At Cruising Level 139kt (257km/h; 160mph)
Cruising Speed 130kt (241km/h; 150mph)
Maximum Range 756nm (1,400km; 870mi)
Service Ceiling 14,600ft (4,450m)



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