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As a valued FlyMontserrat customer, your personal privacy is very important to us. We have updated our Policies to comply with new GDPR legislation (which protects you and your personal details) which comes in to force in May 2018. By using our website after this date you will be deemed to agree to these updated policies.

This page outlines our policy concerning personal information.

  • We wish to be transparent about the information we collect from you to help us enhance your experience with us and give you better service.
  • If you tell us (see method below) you do not wish to receive marketing messages from us we will stop.
  • We will keep your personal information safe and secure
  • We will respect your data protection rights and give you control over what information we keep.

We may update our Privacy Policy from time to time to take account of changing requirements such as changes in technology or legislation, and request that you refer back to this Policy frequently to become aware of any such revisions. In addition, we recommend that you review the privacy policy of any website accessed through the FlyMontserrat website as these sites may be subject to different privacy practices. FlyMontserrat is not responsible for these websites or for the information made available thereon.

You must do your bit too:

You must keep your booking confirmation/reference confidential (This is the 6 digit number on your itinerary). By giving this reference to others they could access your details.

You must not give your log in details to access your Shamrock Personal Profiles held with us to any other person for the same reason.

How do I know my personal details are confidential and safe when I purchase flights or access my personal profile through the FlyMontserrat website?

To ensure the security of your credit card information when you book flights through the FlyMontserrat website, we use the latest Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. SSL is currently the preferred method to securely transfer credit card and other sensitive data over the Internet. If your browser supports SSL, please select the Secure Mode option when confirming your booking and your credit card and other personal details will be protected by this technology.

If your browser does not support SSL, we recommend that you upgrade to the latest version of any browser to enhance the security of further transactions, otherwise the transmission of your personal data may not be protected and FlyMontserrat disclaims any responsibility in this regard.

What personal information does FlyMontserrat collect?

We do not collect personal information about you when you browse the FlyMontserrat website. However, if you wish to book a flight using the site's interactive services, we will require you to complete the Booking Form and provide us with certain information, which may include the following:

Postal Address
Credit/Debit Card number and expiration date
Billing address
Phone numbers
E-mail address
Your weight and connecting flight details

Sensitive personal data is also retained such as when disability assistance is requested (a wheel chair requirement or advance notice of a medical condition). You might also be giving us a hotel contact where you will be staying

It will also include information for all those individuals travelling with you.

This information will also be collected if you book by telephone, by e-mail or in person at our offices or check in counters overseas.

When you use our services, we will retain information on when you travelled using our services, when flights were changed and which flights were not used.

How will FlyMontserrat use my personal information?

We use your personal information to identify you as a customer, to process your booking, to verify credit or other charge card details, to manage your Shamrock Personal Passenger Profile, and to deliver relevant information to you in connection with your travel and any ancillary services which you may wish to use.

Your information may also be used for immigration and customs control (see further below), security, administrative, and legal purposes. For these purposes, we may transmit your personal information to our own offices, authorised agents, other carriers and service providers, credit and charge card companies, anti-fraud screening service providers, data processing companies working on our behalf and to government, border control, police and regulatory authorities and enforcement agencies. Your personal information and any records relating to your air travel will also be retained for audit functions.

We may also use Shamrock Passenger Profile Members’ information to provide them with information which we think they may find of interest. This may include information about services, products, special offers and promotions offered by FlyMontserrat, other carriers and service providers. We may contact you by any means of communication for which you have given us contact details, including by post, e-mail, pop-up window, text or other message or by telephone. However, you may choose not to receive such extra service information by so indicating on the booking form or by withdrawing your membership of the Shamrock Personal Profile programme.

When we have your permission FlyMontserrat may send Shamrock Personal Profile members marketing communications. These might include a business partners’ products and services related to the travel you are undertaking, as well as our own.

We will respect your choice if you do not wish to receive these communications.

We do not sell personal information to third parties, and we will only allow third parties to send you marketing information where we have your consent to do so.

What countries will your personal information be sent to?

Because we operate outside the European Union, your personal information will be sent to and stored by us and third parties in countries that may be outside the country in which you are located and outside the European Economic Area and the UK.

This may involve sending your data to countries where under their local laws you may have fewer legal rights.

How long will FlyMontserrat keep my personal information?

We will keep your information for as long as we need it for the purposes of fulfilling your travel requirements. After that it will be retained for long enough to handle queries relating to the booking. It will also be retained to improve your experience of flying with us.

We will review the information held and delete it securely, or in some cases anonymise it, when there is no longer a legal, business or customer need for it to be retained. If you stop interacting with us as a customer, we will remove or anonymise your information after 7 years. This enables us to meet our obligations to law enforcement, national authorities, auditors and legal proceedings and deal with complaints.

Cookies - How they can benefit your website experience?

Cookies are tiny files that are stored on your computer whenever you visit a website. They uniquely identify your computer and contain information on your web browser and the website visited.

A cookie consists of a name and content. They are stored in a special directory on your hard disk and have a unique ID and lifetime. If you revisit the same website, it uses a cookie to recognise you as a previous user and to build up your browsing history. Certain cookies are automatically deleted when you leave the website. Others remain on your computer unless you delete them yourself. They help us customise your website experience and improve security.

Cookies cannot harm your computer. They are used primarily to make it easier for visitors to navigate a website: once a cookie has identified you as a return visitor, you no longer need to re-enter information you have already typed in. Companies also use cookies to track people’s browsing patterns: how many websites they visit, which ones and how often, how long is their visit and how do they get there. Companies can use this information to improve their websites, adjusting them to users’ behavioural patterns.

Different types of cookies

There are two basic types of cookie:

- First-party cookies, also known as ‘direct cookies’. They are used to improve a website’s technical performance, for example by controlling the user’s language preference. First-party cookies are created and stored on your computer by the websites you visit.

- Third-party cookies, also known as ‘indirect cookies’. These are created and stored on your computer by a party other than the website you are visiting, i.e. a third party. They store information on your browsing behaviour and are created, for example, by social media (such as Facebook and Twitter), and by services such as Google Analytics. The companies in question use these cookies to produce all sorts of metrics about a person’s browsing behaviour, e.g. the number of websites they visit, the amount of time spent on each website and on each page, etc. New laws on data privacy mean that website owners are obliged to ask users for their consent before placing these cookies on their computers. But it doesn’t distinguish between first-party and third-party cookies. The key issue here is consent: the owner does not need to ask for permission to set cookies that are needed to ensure their website works properly but in the case of all other cookies, they must ask the user to give his or her consent.

What sort of cookies do we use?

We use both first-party and third-party cookies. The vast majority of the cookies used on our website are first-party cookies. These are designed to improve the user experience. You will need to accept these cookies in order to benefit fully from our website.

Our website also uses Google Analytics cookies. Google Analytics is a free Google service that collects web statistics and displays the results to a high level of detail. Website managers can use this information to build up a picture of visitor flows, traffic sources and page displays. This allows them to adapt the website to match the behaviour and interests of its users. That’s why we use the statistics generated by Google Analytics.

How can you manage your cookies?

You can manage your cookies by adjusting the settings on your web browser (E.g. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Safari). You can choose between blocking all cookies and only accepting cookies from certain websites.

If you block our cookies it will affect the ease of using our website. You will still be able to use it but you will find that your user experience will be less satisfactory if you refuse to accept any cookies. Certain parts of our website will not work properly and for this reason, we advise you not to block all cookies.

You can also install the 'Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on' in Google. This enables you to stop Google Analytics from using any specific user information that is passed on.

See Google Analytics’ privacy policy for further information on Google Analytics, and the information collected and processed by Google Analytics.

Data Protection:

If you are a European citizen you may request a copy of any personal data about you held by Montserrat Airways Ltd. There is no fee for this request.

The request must be in writing and must contain the following:

  • Your name and postal address.
  • Details of your request.
  • Any details to help us locate the information which is the subject of your request, for example the Booking reference or flight numbers and dates.

You must also provide:

  • A photocopy of your passport or driving licence, so that we can verify your identity.
  • Your signature and the date of the request.

Please send your request by email to: or by mail to FlyMontserrat, PO Box 225, Montserrat, BWI.

We will try and respond within 30 days. But if the request is particularly complicated this might be extended to 3 months.

Can I stop FlyMontserrat sending me marketing information?

If you decide you would no longer like to be sent marketing communications, you can change your mind at any time.

Please note that if you tell us that you do not wish to be sent further marketing communications, you will still receive service communications regarding your flight.

To request a stop to all marketing information please ask to be deleted from the Shamrock Personal Profile membership by e-mailing us on We will need your name and address and your Personal Profile membership number to facilitate this request.

If you wish to change how we use your personal information, including exercising your right to be forgotten, please see section “What are your legal rights in relation to the personal information we hold about you?“ and “How can you exercise your legal rights and change how we use your data


We will only collect your personal information where we can legally do so. Under EU and UK data protection laws in almost all cases this will be to:

  • Process your booking, fulfil your travel arrangements and perform the contract we have with you.
  • Operate and improve our business as an airline.
  • Comply with legal obligations.
  • Use your information in a particular way because you have consented to it.

More information on each legal basis is provided below.

In accordance with Article L232-6 of French Internal Security Code, air carriers may transmit reservation/checking and boarding data collected from their passengers (PNR/API) to the French national public services and competent authorities for the purposes and under conditions as defined in the Decret N°2014-1095 dated 26 September 2014.

If processing of your data is subject to any other laws, then the basis of processing your data may be different to that set out above and may in those circumstances be based on your consent in all cases.

General policy on personal data:

We try very hard to handle your information responsibly. If you are unhappy about the way we do this, please contact the FlyMontserrat Data Protection Officer, by e-mail to, who will address your concerns.


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