Day Trips

Day Trips & Overnights

One Way trip Montserrat to Anguilla Monday 14 August

Depart Montserrat 07.00

Price US$170 per person one way plus share of handlng charge

Fancy a day sightseeing, playing golf or just shopping and a good lunch?

Day trip to Nevis or St Francois, Guadeloupe - by arrangement 

Depart Montserrat at 07.30 and return at 16.30 

Price US$195 (Nevis) or $240 (St Francois) round trip (subject to 6 passengers travelling)


Please call our reservations hotline on 491 3434

If you would like to visit somewhere let us know

 Island Volcano Tours

Take off from Montserrat for an incredible round the volcano tour.
Flights will follow the coastline and provide photo opportunities.
The flights last 15 minutes, so bring your camera.
The cost is US$400 plus tax for up to 7 people (5 with good views). 
There is no guide on these flights.
Take a fixed wing, twin engine, flight round the Montserrat Volcano.
US$285 per person (subject to minimum of 4) 
Flights last 35-40 minutes and follow the coastline round the volcano, giving an up-front view of the devastation caused  to the town of Plymouth and surrounding villages since 1995.

Please register your interest in day trips by email to

We can then alert you to these offers when they become available

Or ask us for a Volcano Tour to be added on to your charter to or from Antigua 
Reservations - call 664-491-3434.
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