August 1, 2013
New Fares - now all changeable & on-line check-in available

FlyMontserrat has listened to its customers’ feedback and is making ALL its new bookings changeable. Although passengers liked the cheaper fares FlyMontserrat offered, they did not like them to be non-changeable.

So FlyMontserrat is offering fares at the same cheap prices as before, but is making ALL its new current fares changeable.

The cheap fares (as low as US$64 and US$79 plus tax during the slow season) give the opportunity for passengers to make savings on EVERY seat by booking round trips.

Montserrat to Antigua round trip ticket now only US$177.50 including taxes – a saving of US$32 – and changeable. Round trip fares from Antigua are reduced in price too.

FlyMontserrat is further responding to customer feedback and has updated its reservations system and website to make it easier and quicker for passengers to book and check-in.

FlyMontserrat customers can create ‘Passenger Profiles’ which will store their passport and contact details so all the information is downloaded at the touch of a button, making the booking process far quicker and easier both on-line as well as in the office or on the ‘phone.

Passengers will be able to access their ‘Profile Area’ to see the history of all their flights, and FlyMontserrat will use the flights stored in these Profiles to benefit each passenger through a Loyalty Scheme.

Profiles can be set up either during the on-line booking process or when making a booking in the office. FlyMontserrat’s staff are happy to help with this.

There is now a link on FlyMontserrat’s website home page where passengers can check-in on line and print their boarding passes within 24 hours of their flight.

There is also an ‘Urgent Travel Advice’ area on the home page where up-to-the-minute information can be published about weather delays and airport closures affecting your flight.



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